Harness the Health Power of Amazing Acai

Harvested twice a year from the flood lands and swamps of South America's Amazon region, MySuperfoods’ organic acai powder is a finely milled form of the celebrated acai berry. A potent source of vitamin A, omega 3 and 6, fibre, and calcium, easily incorporate this superfood into your everyday diet.

An All-Natural Antioxidant

MySuperfoods’ organic acai powder comes from the fruit of the beautiful acai palm and is a deep purple-black berry which has taken the health world by storm. A serving of this product may contribute to normal iron metabolism, normal muscle function, maintenance of teeth and bones, and normal functioning of the immune system.

Ideal for blending with fruit juices, incorporating into smoothies or adding to delicious home bakes and breakfasts, MySuperfoods’ acai powder has been certified 100% organic by the Soil Association.

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