Spectacular Health Benefits in Every Seed

With triple the iron of spinach and five times more calcium than milk, MySuperfoods’ organic black chia seeds are a must-have dietary staple. Harvested from the wilds of Bolivia, South America from the mint family’s chia plant, these little seeds of pure vitality are bursting with dynamic nutrients.

South America’s Most Incredible Edible

What’s so special about MySuperfoods’ organic black chia seeds? Simple. They are one of South America’s smallest yet most powerful food sources, boasting 20% protein, and more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant on earth (including flax).

Grown by a lineage of farmers who have been improving the botanical over generations through selective breeding, MySuperfoods supply the most nutritionally complete chia seeds available on the market.

Every seed is enriched with a vast array of nutrients including omega 3, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. Harvested in Bolivia from the salvia hispanica plant, black chia may help support the nervous system, aid digestions, balance electrolytes and reduce fatigue.

A wonderfully diverse food, easily incorporate into your everyday meal regime. Sprinkle over breakfast oats and fruit bowls, stir into yoghurts, add to puddings and bakes, or enhance shakes and smoothies.

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