A Sweet-Lover’s Treat that’s Good for You Too!

Known as the Gold of the Incas, MySuperfoods’ luscious lucuma powder is an easy-to-digest food source for the sugar-loving health fiend. Packed with a range of nutrients and minerals, this unusual South American fruit is an ideal ingredient for shakes, juices and smoothies.

An All-Powerful Wholefood from the Peruvian Highlands

A beloved flavouring for ice-cream, popular in the majestic hills of the Andes, lucuma is cultivated from the flesh of a native fruit, before being milled into fine, nutritious powder.

MySuperfoods’ high-quality organic strain is grown in verdant farms in Peru. Each spoonful boasts a wealth of goodness thanks to phosphorus and calcium. Servings of lucuma may contribute to maintenance of normal teeth and bones, normal function of cell membranes, normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal neurotransmission.

Only the very best fruit is picked from the trees and washed in the cleanest water, before the tangy yellow flesh is ground by hand and transformed into an additive-free sweetener.

Sprinkle over breakfast granola, add to home bakes, or combine with a range of delicious fruit and vegetables for the ultimate raw food drink.

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