The Most Glorious Green Tea Available

MySuperfoods’ organic matcha green tea is a ceremonial grade powder with an antioxidant level 5 times greater than any other food. Abundant with nutrients, this ancient botanical is often served in formal tea ceremonies and has been incorporated into desserts and bakes over the past thousand years.

Harvested in Japan under the strictest supervision using only the very best leaves, our matcha comes with increased chlorophyll content and a taste that’s far superior.

Luminous Life-Force

Rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as riboflavin, folic acid, potassium and iron, MySuperfoods’ matcha green tea is full-bodied, dreamily delicious, and certified 100% organic.

Grown without the use of pesticides, our matcha is harvested from premium shade-grown tea leaves before being gently steamed and air dried. This is followed by a process that involves deveining and destemming, before the matcha is stone milled into the finest powder. Unique to Japan, this method helps maintain a superior nutritional value and quality. Unlike other brands which use cheap industrial methods, our matcha green is the real deal!

Showcasing a brilliant hue due to increased chlorophyll content and a complex flavour profile, matcha green tea is indulgently sweet, beautifully creamy, and distinctly vegetal. The product’s many micronutrients may contribute to a vast array of benefits including maintenance of bones and teeth, healthy vision, and supported nervous and immune systems.

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