• Organic Spirulina Tablets (300 x 500mg) | Highest Quality Available | By MySuperfoods
  • Organic Spirulina Tablets (300 x 500mg) | Highest Quality Available | By MySuperfoods

    Organic Spirulina Powder is one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, packed full of protein, vitamins, chlorophyll, iron, and calcium, all of which promote better all-round health.

    Our spirulina has been Certified Organic by the Soil Association. It is completely natural and contains no artificial colours or preservatives, and it is grown and harvested in a pure, sustainable and eco-friendly way.

    This is a 100 percent vegan-friendly product. Despite the high calcium content, it has no dairy produce, making it ideal for both vegans and vegetarians as well as anyone with special dietary requirements.

    Spirulina powder comes in a range of concentrations, but MySuperFoods’ Organic Spirulina Powder provides the most concentrated form available, packing more goodness into every spoonful.

    Enjoy the highest standards of customer service when you purchase from MySuperFoods. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will be happy to refund your purchase in full.
100% Organic

Our products are certified organic by the Soil Association.

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Pure Green Goodness in Every Spoonful

Organic Spirulina Powder is one of the world’s most potent superfoods, providing you with many of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Organic Spirulina Powder is easy to add to any diet, providing healthy goodness for body and mind in a simple and convenient form.

Packed with Healthy Nutrients

Every pack of MySuperFoods’ Organic Spirulina Powder is bursting with fibre, protein, magnesium and iron, as well as 20 times more calcium than milk, making it a popular ingredient in detoxification diets.

A serving of Spirulina Powder may contribute to healthy bones and teeth, reduce tiredness and fatigue, assist normal muscle function, support the functioning of the nervous system and many other benefits besides.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy all the goodness packed into spirulina because it contains no traces of animal products. Spirulina is also ideal for people with any dietary requirements.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association

Our spirulina powder is Certified Organic by the Soil Association. It is grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way in a pure freshwater pond on a tropical island in the South China Sea.

Easy to Add to Your Favourite Food

Simply sprinkle Organic Spirulina Powder into your blender, stir it into your favourite soup or add it to natural juice. Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of powder into a glass of water once or twice a day.

Add Spirulina to Your Diet

Try MySuperFoods Organic Spirulina Powder and add a nutrient-rich source of natural food to your diet every day. Our high standards of customer service mean that if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, we will always be happy to refund your purchase in full.
PRODUCT: 100% Organic Spirulina Algae


WEIGHT: 500mg

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Certified organic by the Soil Association, our spirulina tablets do not contain additives such as sugars, acids, colorants or preservatives, and are GMO free.

NUTRIENT PROFILE: MySuperfoods' organic spirulina tablets contain an abundance of vitamins and nutrients including:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Thiamin
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Chlorophyll
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine
  • Alanine
  • Arginine
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Cystine
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Glycine
  • Histidine
  • Proline
  • Serine
  • Tyrosine

Micronutrients in MySuperfoods' organic spirulina tablets may contribute to:

  • Absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Maintenance of bones & teeth
  • Normal blood calcium levels
  • Healthy blood coagulation
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Normal muscle function
  • Process of cell division & specialisation
  • Normal psychological function
  • Energy-yielding metabolism
  • Nervous system support
  • Maintenance of normal mucous membranes
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Improvement of skin health
  • Homocysteine metabolism
  • Formation of red blood cells & haemoglobin
  • Maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • Immune system support
  • Neurotransmission
  • Maintenance of healthy digestive system
  • Macronutrient metabolism
  • Normal function of cell membranes
  • Maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • Protein synthesis & electrolyte balance
  • Oxygen transport in the body
  • Normal cognitive function
  • Maintenance of connective tissue

SUGGESTED SERVING: Recommended portion size: 3 to 5 tablets per day, depending on requirements. As always, please consult your doctor before taking any nutrient-dense products.

FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE: We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of our organic spirulina tablets equally, which is why our formula is also 100% safe for those with special dietary needs. Vegan and vegetarian friendly, dairy and gluten free.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product, simply get in touch and we'll show you how to return it to MySuperfoods. Keep in mind, we offer a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back-guarantee within 30 days of purchase.


Organic Spirulina tablets

Recommended Usage:

Take 3 - 5 tablets per day with water

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool, dry, dark location in a sealed pack.

Packing Information:

Packed in the UK for MySuperfoods

Canterbury, Kent, CT4 5LB

Country of Origin:


Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g
Energy 1420 kJ 336 kcal
Fat (g) 1.0
Of which saturates (g) 0.5
Carbohydrate (g) 13.1
of which sugars (g) <0.1
Fibre (g) 5.1
Protein (g) 65.9
Salt (g) 0.9
Calcium (mg) 333
Magnesium (mg) 300
Iron (mg) 6.58

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  • Organic Spirulina Tablets (300 x 500mg) | Highest Quality Available | By MySuperfoods
  • Organic Spirulina Tablets (300 x 500mg) | Highest Quality Available | By MySuperfoods